David Alexander, HVAC pro in Missouri

Owner David Alexander

A native of Missouri with over three decades’ experience in HVAC, David Alexander knows the business thoroughly, and knows how to make customers happy. David is licensed “Master, Unlimited Air Conditioning,” EPA-certified for Freon, and certified by the State of Missouri for LP Gas. He has also completed countless factory training sessions with a variety of manufacturers and is qualified to work on almost any type of heating/cooling system in the field today. David happily resides in Bolivar, Missouri with his wife and kids, who are active members in the business.

The DH&C Crew

Steve, HVAC Technician


Steve has been working at David’s Heating & Cooling for 10 years and has been working in the HVAC industry for a over 12 years, where he did mostly residential work, but also some commercial work and some refrigeration. He is OTC certified and has EPA certification in all areas. He is a heat pump and furnace expert, whose favorite part of his job is interacting with customers and getting to learn new things about the technologies available.

Steve is 47 years old and married. He and his wife don’t have any kids, but they have lots of animals; dogs, cats, goats, and horses all included. A couple of his hobbies are fishing and hunting, but of the two he likes fishing best.


Logan has been a member of the David’s Heating and Cooling Crew for one year. He has been learning the trade here and is becoming an excellent install crew member. He considers himself to be best at installs, but is also trained on duct cleanings, maintenances, sheet metal working, and several other important skills for his job here at David’s Heating and Cooling. His favorite part of his job here is getting to learn new things.

Logan was born in 1997 and was raised here in Bolivar as well as graduated from Bolivar High School in 2015.